Public Education

Civil Aid Service - Public Education Section

Civil Aid Service (CAS) has long been dedicated to promote youth development. In addition to Cadet Section under the Operations and Training Division, Public Education Section was also established in August 2020 to further enhance youth works in different areas, including the promotion of national education and national security.

Public Education Section is composed of 1 Senior Operations and Training Officer, 2 Operations and Training Officers, 1 Operations and Training Assistant, 2 contract Programme Officers and 2 contract Programme Assistants. It is responsible for the promotion and development of civic education and public safety awareness training to the community, including disciplinary training, emergency preparedness, mountain safety and basic survival skills, and assisting in the promotion and publicity of CAS activities to the youth and people of diverse race, attracting them to attend or recruiting them to become CAS members.

Public Education Section actively cooperates with different government departments, non-governmental organizations, primary and secondary schools, and provides tailored short-term courses, visits, lectures or training, to promote public education to the public in different areas, including the Youth Potential Development Scheme, mainly for young people; Special Talent Scheme, mainly for people of different race; and Emergency Preparedness Training for Local Communities for different departments, organizations or community groups.

The above activities provided is fully sponsored by the government.