Special Talent Scheme (STS)

Due to differences in language and culture, people of diverse race face many difficulties in the process of integrating into Hong Kong society. The government has been committed to building a caring and inclusive society and providing comprehensive support to them so that they can enjoy equal opportunities and integrate into society.

Public Education Section, based on YPDS, has launched STS to support youth of diverse race. Through a series of community safety education activities, such as mountain rescue and typhoon emergency support, STS provides continuous learning and development opportunities for youth of diverse race, so as to integrate into the community and enhance the sense of belonging.

STS aims at inspiring individual potential, stretching personal limits, and promoting the spirit of racial harmony. Tailor-made positive activities with appropriate levels of challenges in a safe environment, led by experienced instructors, are designed to help young people build self-confidence and improve adaptability, while providing them with opportunities to serve the community and give back to the society.

The Scheme is tailored for the youth of diverse race. Based on the number of participants, schools/organisations can select interested activities from the list of training items below to participate:

  1. Leadings skills for school prefects / head students
  2. Mountain / outdoor safety
  3. Team building games
  4. A taste of bush fire fighting
  5. Surviving a typhoon
  6. Water safety essentials
  7. Fun with marching band music
  8. Flag raising training
  9. Other topics you can think of

If your school/organisation is interested, please click the link to complete the Intention Form, before submitting it to the CAS Headquarters for further arrangement.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr Jerry LEUNG, Operations and Training Officer (Public Education 1), at 3651 9481.

Special Talent Scheme (STS)
Special Talent Scheme (STS)