Services Delivered
CAS is responsible for :

A. providing support to the government bureaux and departments on counter infectious disease or disaster operations, mountain search and rescue, flood
rescue, countryside fire protection duties;
B. providing crowd control and management services in major public functions;
C. patrolling country parks and hiking trails and assisting people in need of help;
D. staging performances to enhance public attention on major campaigns or activities organised by government departments and non-government organisations;
E. providing training activities and professional services on mountain safety/rescue for government departments and non-government organisations; and

providing youths between the ages of 12 and 17 with specific training in discipline and skills and raise and develop youth to be future leaders and responsible citizens.

Crowd Management
.Crowd Management

Putting Off Vegetation Fire
Countryside Fire Protction Duties

Cadet Corps Training
.Cadet Training

CAS Band Performance
.Band Performance
Performance Pledge
  CAS Performance Pledge

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