Notes on CAS Ordinance and Regulation

(Extracted from CAS Ordinance & CAS Regulation)



Applicants must be over the age of 16. Any applicant under the age of 18 must first obtain a specified written consent to join CAS from his/her parents or guardian;
Every applicant must undergo a Government medical examination before he can be accepted for enrolment. He must also be prepared to undergo further medical examinations periodically. If a member enrolled in the Service fails to pass such examination, his enrolment may be cancelled;
C. Every applicant must sign such forms as the Commissioner may require; and
D. Every applicant must furnish such personal particulars as the Commissioner may require.
2. Term of service
A member who, without reasonable excuse, resigns from the Service, or who is discharged or whose enrolment is cancelled, within one year of the completion of his recruitment training shall upon request by the Commissioner pay to the Service the reasonable costs of his recruitment training in the Service.
3. Equipment
Every member must carefully and safely keep his CAS Identity Card and any other equipment issued to him and return them when ceasing to be a member, or when ordered to do so. Any damage, destruction or loss of such equipment out of intention or negligence shall be subject to punishment or fine.
4. Requirements for efficiency
The requirements for efficiency of a member in any year shall be 60 hours performance of training with diligence.
5. Calling Out of Service
The Commissioner may call out on active service the whole or any part of the Service. All members shall then attend at such places and perform such duties as may be assigned.
6. Pay and Allowances
When a member is called out on active service in an emergency or for training, or he voluntarily assists at a disaster incident with the approval of the senior officer present, payments will be made according to his grade as follows:
i. in respect of attendance for less than 8 hours, at the hourly rate of pay;
in respect of attendance for 8 hours or more in any period of 24 hours, at the daily rate of pay. Each period of 24 hours is calculated from the time of reporting for duty, whether that period is wholly in one day or partly in one day and partly in another day.

Ration Allowance: A member who attends for duty for 8 consecutive hours or more in any period of 24 hours during which he is not provided with free meals or rations, is eligible to receive a daily ration allowance.

7. Medical Attention
Any member who, when called out on active service or in training, sustains any wound or injury or contracts an illness which is, in the opinion of a medical officer, caused by such service shall be provided with free medical and hospital treatment arranged by the Government. During the period of any absence from duty necessitated by the injury or illness, receive the pay and allowance according to his grade.
8. Disability or Death
Any member who, when called out on active service or in training, sustains death or disability which is , in the opinion of a medical officer, attributable or aggravated by such service, shall be considered eligible for the grant of a gratuity, allowance or pension.


9. Resignation
Except during an emergency, a member may resign upon:
1. giving the Commissioner not less than 28 days' notice in writing, through Unit Commander;
delivering up in good order all uniform and equipment provided to him and which is either public property or Service property;
3. surrendering any document of identity issued to him by the Commissioner; and
4. paying any moneys due from him.
10. Discharge
The Commissioner is authorized to discharge at any time any member upon receiving the recommendation of his Unit Commander.
11. Retirement

Unless the Commissioner otherwise directs, a member shall retire upon reaching the age of 60.

12. Liabilities
Any member who, commits an offence against discipline, such as failing to obey an order or failing to achieve the required standard of efficiency in any year, shall be punished with a reduction in rank, a caution, reprimand or a fine.
13. Absence from Hong Kong; change of particulars
A member shall report to the Commissioner -
1. his intention to be absent from Hong Kong for any period of 7 days or more;
2. any change in the particulars provided by him upon enrolment.
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