Vision, Mission and Values


To be an outstanding auxiliary force in Hong Kong, providing civil support services on the occasion of any emergency, while at the same time help nurture and develop future leaders and responsible citizens in both Adult Service and Cadet Corps.


  • To provide outstanding civil support services on the occasion of any emergency, and be ready for deployment out of Hong Kong to assist in disaster management.
  • To raise and develop youth to be future leaders and responsible citizens.
  • To render services of non-emergency nature to the community in peace time.
  • To provide a high standard of training for volunteers to ensure proficient discharge of operational duties and services to the community.
  • To maintain close contact with counterparts in the Mainland and other countries to facilitate technical exchange and the promotion of national and international perspectives.
  • To be a caring and efficient government organisation.


To serve the people of Hong Kong and others in need through the promotion and belief in :

  • professional and quality service
  • team spirit
  • integrity, accountability and sense of belonging
  • proactive communication with others
  • a spirit of mutual respect and understanding
  • a helpful and proactive approach in serving the public
  • openness and receptiveness to change

Performance Pledge
  CAS Performance Pledge

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