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CAS Commissioner - Mr. LO Yan-lai

Foreword Message from the Commissioner, Civil Aid Service

The Civil Aid Service is an auxiliary force under the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Constituted under the Civil Aid Service Ordinance, the functions of the Service are as versatile and diverse as the skills of Officers and Members. Details of our duties are described in the following pages.

It is my great honour and indeed challenge to serve as the Commissioner of the Service. Our nearly eight thousand voluntary officers, members and cadets are dedicated and are ready to serve the community of Hong Kong SAR at times of need, to help the public, assist Government departments, thereby sustaining Hong Kong as Asia’s World City.

Mr. LO Yan-lai MH, JP
Commissioner, Civil Aid Service

CAS Chief Staff Officer -  Mr. FONG Yiu-tong, Francis

Welcome Message from the
Chief Staff Officer and
Deputy Commissioner (Ops.),
Civil Aid Service

Welcome to the Civil Aid Service (CAS) homepage.

The CAS is an auxiliary emergency service financed by the government. It is formed by over 3,700 members from the Hong Kong community. The Service's primary duty is to augment the regular front-line emergency forces in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies. It also provides various community services such as crowd management for community activities, fire-prevention patrols in country parks, and provision of training on mountain hiking safety to the public.

The CAS also runs a youth service, viz: the CAS Cadet Corps, which comprises more than 4,000 young people aged 12 to 17. Through various disciplinary and vocational training as well as community services, Corps members are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership, to exploit their latent talents, and to learn about discipline and civic responsibilities.

The following pages provide more detailed information about the CAS. We strive to better serve the community of Hong Kong and we welcome people from all walks of life to join us.

Mr. FONG Yiu-tong, Francis
Chief Staff Officer, Civil Aid Service

Youth Potential Development Scheme
Youth Potential Development Scheme
Recruitment of Other Ranks at Grade I (Year-round Recruitment)
Recruitment of Other Ranks at Grade I
Civil Defence Leadership Programme (Tertiary Students)  
Certificate in Auxiliary Forces Basic Training Programme (Civil Defence)
CAS Cadet Corps Officers and Instructors Recruitment Exercise (Chinese Version Only)
Cadet Corps Officers and Instructors Recruitment Exercise
CAS Cadet Corps
Schedule of Cadet Walk-in Registration (Chinese Version Only)
Cadet Walk-in Registration Poster

CAS in Action

Hiking Safety Promotion Campaign

CAS e-Garden

SafeGuard HK

Cadet Corps - Facebook Page

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