Mountain Search and Rescue Company


The CAS MSaR have been shouldering the search and rescue tasks in the mountains since 1969. The tasks include searching and rescuing people who get lost or are missing in hiking and mountain activities.

Members of the MSaR are auxiliary members. They have an establishment of 164 mountain rescuers who have received formal training in mountain search and rescue. The operational base of the MSaR is situated at the CAS Headquarters. Members of MSaR render their stand-by duty on every Saturday, Sundays and public holidays at CAS Headquarters and GFS Headquarters.

The MSaR are very busy in autumn and winter, particularly on weekends, Sundays and public holidays for the mountain rescue call-out operations. The call-outs are mainly initiated by either the Police or the Fire Services Department.

"The CAS MSaR - always ready to help mountaineers in need" is the motto of the Company. Over the past forty years, the MSaR has been upholding this belief and will surely adhere to this in giving a helping hand to those in danger.


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