The CAS Cadet Corps


The Cadet Corps has the mission to encourage young people to develop skills and leadership through participating in group activities and training which are beneficial to the development of their mind and body. It aims at nurturing them to become future leaders and responsible citizens, building up their confidence, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and the spirit to serve others.


To be an outstanding youth uniformed group in Hong Kong.


To nurture our cadets and facilitate their development into future leaders and responsible citizens by motivating them to participate actively in community service, civic education and discipline training.


To hold the belief in: integrity; spirit of mutual respect and understanding; self-discipline and team spirit and active in community service.

Brief History

The Cadet Corps was established in 1968 as a youth wing under the Civil Aid Service (CAS). Composed of two units, the Corps consisted of a total of 200 boys. As the number of units continued to increase, there are altogether 3,232 boys and girls in 64 platoons under 4 companies in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. The Corps, which has all along been a uniformed group emphasising discipline training and social service, is fully subsidized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

Training & Activities

The Corps offers a good mix of training and activities including assemblies, footdrill, hiking, outings, camping, mountaineering, swimming, life-saving, boating, sailing, challenging activities of the Hong Kong Award for Young People, etc.

The CAS Headquarters also organises numerous all-round training classes for the cadets every year on first aid, basic rescue, crowd management, flag-raising, life-saving, canoeing, artistic cycling, rock climbing, musical instrument performance and so on. These enable cadets to acquire various extracurricular knowledge and skills.

The CAS also arranges competitions and tournaments on footdrill, camping, orienteering, etc which serve not only as chances for cadets to strive for excellence but also as chances to promote friendship among members of different teams. What is more, national education and mainland exchange activities are conducted to increase their understanding on the motherland. The cadets can choose freely from the great varieties of classes and activities according to their own interest and time available. Outstanding cadets may be promoted to Senior Cadets, Deputy Cadet Leaders, Cadet Leaders and even Senior Cadet Leaders.

CAS Cadet Corps Leaflet
CAS Cadet Corps Application for Enrollment

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